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List of members who donate to the site

You can donate by going here DONATE TO RATEMYEXPOSURE Just choose your donation tip and add your email address and username on our site for your donation. No sign up is needed to donate through this service. Do NOT say any gay or adult shit in the comments =) Any donation helps the site as we are making many improvements. Members who donate

  • will be added to this list along with your link and donation amount
  • will be the first in line to use when creating content for our site. Polls, quizzes, etc
  • Will be tweeted when we are promoting
  • have better chance of getting more exposure
  • obviously the bigger the donation the more we will use you
  • any donation helps – even $5

1. Sissy Quinn – $10 Donation – Twitter @gmghost23

Our first donation to the site. Sissy Quinn $10 

Twitter is @gmghost23

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2. faggot Andrew – $15 donation

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3. Bill Jones – old faggot donated $20 – good job homo!

125 HWY 60 East, Lewisport, Ky 42351/

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4. George Lazarides, Kinkypigboy – $20 donation.

Expose the fuck out of this ugly homo George Lazarides, London UK,, 07518 913679

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