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Thank Paul Greenwell for our NEW site!

So as I’m sure you all have noticed, you’ve seen bimbo slut Paul Greenwell posted all over the site.. She goes way back to the very first exposure site on the net, which I created years ago, called topfags. I was just getting into exposures and enjoying it. When this big titty Loser slut messaged me, begging to be famous,

She’s a total slut but she’s still loyal and always comes back to daddy! ha ha ha.  Because she knows who does the best exposures and who started it all. so she only wants to get the maximum exposure.. Our new site that we are testing. has been in the works for about two weeks. and this bimbo loser has dedicated herself and Open her purse. to make sure it all happened.

Does this mean I’m thanking her or I want anyone to thank her? Well, not by saying thank you, because she’s still a creepy, ugly, bimbo. But you can thank her. by using her as a prime example of how to live your lives

Sucking guys off, dressing up like a bimbo and accepting your role as a sissy faggot. I will thank her by spitting in her face and taking advantage of her every second of the day. because that’s what she’s worth. Nothing. but abuse that she loves . And even if she doesn’t love it, who cares?

So a big Popper sniff goes out to Paul Greenwell bimbo faggot slut!

Click the member button under this to see her twitter and maybe say hello homo! lol


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