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Help me decide and be cruel!

faggy needs real men help to decide how became more slutty and piggy.

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    Where to shoot cum on me? Iam sucking cocks on public toilets.

    • In mouth
    • On face and hair. Clean yourself home.
    • On clothes
    • In your eyes. Blind you with my sperm.
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    New underwear arrived. Decide for me to where should i wear it.

    • Just wear it under pants every day
    • Its great swimwear, wear it to the pool
    • Wear it to the gym. Make sure to fully show everyone how sexy undies u wear.
    • Wear it everytime you hook up with anyone. Its so slutty
  • Question of

    Cage is always good faggot accessory. How long i have to wear?

    • 3 days
    • 1 week
    • 2 weeks
    • 1 month
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    My pussy is hungry. What will you insert to fill me up?

    • Eggplant
    • Beer can
    • Fill you up with 2 liters enema and plug it
    • 5 boiled eggs. U not fag u chicken!
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    Heading to sex club. What should i write with marker on my cheeks?

    • Toxic loads welcome!
    • Kick my balls!
    • Spank till purple!
    • Creampie me!

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