Sissy fag Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut seen in negligee (3/6)

This is JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT  and he wants people who may know him to see him as he really is. People who know him have absolutely no idea Jeffrey is really a panty wearing sissy faggot who shaves his legs, and who enjoys wearing bras and panties. Jeffrey is seen here in a negligee, pantyhose and high heels and is confessing that he loves boys and has always had feelings for them. No one who knows him is aware he has always preferred being a girl. And now with his shaved legs, his noticeable breasts, Jeffrey is finally admitting what he has always wanted to be, a sissy girl who loves when a hard cock is pointed in his direction and he is made to prove what a faggot he is while showing a boy what a man he really is.

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Sissy faggot Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut in a bra and panty (2/6)

Jeffrey Rossman proving he is a sissy faggot cocksucker (4/6)