I am Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut, a boy loving sissy fag (5/6)

This picture shows me, JEFFREY ROSSMAN, as the sissy faggot I really am. I live in  southwest CONNECTICUT. People who know me in the real world have never known my real feelings but now I am coming out to admit that, yes, I am a sissy faggot. I want to be a girl and I have always kept an eye out for good looking boys. I keep my legs shaved soft and smooth. I have noticeable breasts which I have developed to the extent I can wear a bra and not need inserts. I no longer have pubic hair or any body hair. I admit the first time I met a boy I had been chatting with on line, it was a wonderful experience and I loved seeing him naked. We kissed with passion and I felt him getting hard. And when I had him, finally, in my mouth, I felt him throbbing with excitement just before he came and made me swallow all his cum. I loved feeling his warm cum in my mouth. I really do want to be exposed all over so I can fear being recognized by people who know me and they learn I have always been a gay sissy faggot and that I love being a girl and showing a boy how much a man he really is.

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Jeffrey Rossman proving he is a sissy faggot cocksucker (4/6)