Sissy Paula is going to be a RME famous sissy!!! (1/5)

Paula was a sissy girl who dreamed of becoming famous. She spent most of her time watching reality shows, dressing up in glamorous outfits, and putting on makeup and lipstick in front of the mirror. She loved posing for selfies and hoped to catch the attention of alpha males with big cocks. 

Sissy Paula believed that fame was just around the corner, and that all she needed was one big break on RateMyExposure to make it to the top. Despite her parents’ disapproval, Paula frequented glory holes and pride parades. She faced many rejections and disappointments, but refused to give up on her dream. 

Although she had many admirers, Sissy fag Paula never found the right guy who shared her ambitions and values and they all just used her holes. Nevertheless, she remained determined to make her mark on the world and become the superstar sissy faggot she always knew she could be. With her makeup kit and her dreams in hand, Paula was ready to take on the world. HERE SHE IS!!!

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Sissy Paula is going to be a RME famous sissy!!! (2/5)