Submissive Brian serves real men!

My name is Brian. I’m a 100% submissive, bottom, faggot who was created to serve Alpha men! To my earliest sexual thoughts the instinct and desire to obey their every command and do my very best to please a Dominant male has come as natural as breathing to me. I love to serve real men! 

I’m on this site because I’m all too aware that the world should know what a faggot I am. I also would love to hear from Dominants who would like to use me. Either virtually or face to face. I serve two alphas and they not only encourage me to serve others, they ORDER me to do so! 

Collared and on my knees where I belong

This was a photo ordered to be taken and sent to an Alpha Male. 

he of course can do anything he wants with both the photo and me. 

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The sub pose, Nadu

Another commanded photo. This one was issued in the twilight hours and the text woke me up. He wanted his photo then and there and real men get what they command of me. 

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A real man fucking me

This Alpha loves to tie me up and have his way with me. I’m always blindfolded in my service to him, so I’ve actually never seen him fully. 

Doms can be a visible or as discrete as they want with me.  

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Me riding a real man’s cock

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Me prepped for my mystery Alpha

One of my primary Alphas left me in a hotel room like this for the unknown Alpha who breeds me whenever he wants. 

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Another commanded pose

This is another photo taken by command. 

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Forest faggot

Sissy Lynnette McJordan