~ Sissy needs bladder controlled ruthlessly by a daddy

30 Sissy tubby loser SE UK seeking abusive humilator dom for control denial & manipulation

30 male chubby Sissy dumb loser

I’m not a human don’t treat me politely or it’ll turn me off you

I have a male masturbator you can control please edge me til I can’t think on cam and take advantage (available occasionally])

Need bladder control badly please rxpe it and make me cry 😢

Make me stroke til I edge then stroke more and edge more test my stamina son

I need to lose all control

A serious mean bully to hate me

Please come abuse me

Make me lose control

I need a dom to deny & abuse me

Might crave to be be blackmailed into sucking a bbc at my weak points

Very horny and weak for alphas & f@g hating types atm – don’t message if you aren’t okay with me being chubby (you can make fun of it tho). The meaner and crueler you are the weaker I often get make me your weak loser toy

Use some subtly if your gunna be to sadistic 

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