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Seattle Sissy Gimp – RME Certified Sissy

Seattle Sissy is a faggot girl who has recently been certified as an RME certified sissy. She has always had a passion for femininity and expressing herself through makeup and fashion. Now that she has been certified, she is even more excited to embrace her identity and share her knowledge with others. Seattle Sissy Gimp loves to wear pink, experiment with makeup, and sucking off Alpha men. She believes that everyone deserves the freedom to express themselves in the way that feels most authentic to them, and she is passionate about sucking cocks and being the best sissy faggot she can be

Seattle Sissy has been actively involved in the sissy community, getting exposed and sucking cocks. She is excited to continue to grow and learn, and to share her journey with others. Seattle Sissy hopes to inspire others to embrace their own femininity and explore their own personal style, no matter what that looks like. She believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable as a total sissy faggot gimp, and she is committed to being a cum dump.  With her passion for all things pink and her love of makeup and fashion, Seattle Sissy is sure to make a positive impact in the world of sissies and beyond. ha ha

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Sissy Paula big tit bimbo!!!!

This is Jeffrey Rossman, being outed as a sissy fag from Ct, seen in full makeup and wig