Pig, dick and arse on display

Pig diary, Nunhead, London, 2020.

Caption: Pig gives floorshow naked apart from Aussibum singlet.

A friend has been bored working from home, and for something to do during the pandemic, suggested I drop around and try out their workout equipment in their garage. They dared me to come over in an acceptably revealing workout kit, and put on a “pig floorshow” to entertain them.

This friend knows all about my bathhouse and secret pig life, as a couple of years ago I was at his place with a couple of mutual friends, and I didn’t know he had Grindr active. He spotted my profile, waived it around on his phone, and then everyone wanted to read it and know more about my BDSM experience. Since then because he was so turned on by my pigging, we’ve become friends with occasional benefits. I let him access my sex photos, it’s fun to know he wanks over them, and he regularly asks “nasty piggy” about what suck and fuck fun I’ve been up to. In fact, he’s so interested I’ve suggested a couple of times that he joins me in a sauna adventure so he can play my wingman and watch me in action, but he’s coy about going further as we’ve been non-sex friends for so many years. He knew I’d be up for stripping off on a dare, having got naked for him before, and it seemed a fair bargain though I knew it was really an excuse to get another free blow job. It turned out the Aussiebum tank top was acceptable to his high standards, as my trainers were “low rent trash” knock-offs and the shorts too baggy to show my balls. I had to strip down to singlet only in the garden, before entering the house barefoot.

With my hard cock poking at him while I pulled and pushed some weights, before I could get a sweat on, he had me start a floorshow by shamelessly wanking while he watched, and told me to cum over the front of the tanktop. It was a pleasingly large load with the white globs showing nicely against the dark red top, I was glad I hadn’t cum since the previous afternoon.

His cock is a great size, at least 1.5 inches longer than mine. Standing over me, he had me swallow down the whole length of the erect cock, making me deep throat, banging my head hard back into the metal support as his pubes rubbed into my face. Repeating this several times, he completely blocked my throat with their cock head, balls on my chin, and counted slowly to 20, forcing me hold my breath. At the same time I carried on steadily lifting weights with my legs in time with the countdown. I was surprised that perhaps the experience of breath control, or maybe simply being dominated, had my cock hard again. My guess is that though he says he’s not into kinky sex, he’s got a subconcious sadist streak, but being practiced at deepthroating was my ‘party trick’, so I enjoyed showing off my swallowing and throat relaxing technique. I can hold down a cock for twice as long holding back the urge to choke or cough if pushed, though admittedly my chin was running with my own spit drawn out by their shaft as I can’t stop my glands from making loads of spit when I have a mouth jammed with cock and can taste precum.

I was looking forward to being rewarded by feeling spunk pump into my guts, after all, I am a cum pig, but he insisted on pulling out, aiming, and shooting their load over the tanktop. A lot of fun. However, it did make walking home a bit awkward as I was not wearing anything else to cover the wet spreading spunk stains in sticky ropes over the front. My friend thought I should let it dry on and wear it proudly, so stopped me from wiping any cum off or licking it off as I wanted. I was grateful to still have my unstained shorts to put on so could bluff it out when walking home.

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