Outing Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut as a homo sissy fag

This sissy faggot who lives in Connecticut in the United States is really Jeffrey Rossman. He is being named and exposed for the boy loving and skirt wearing sissy he actually is. He has kept this secret for some time but it is now the right time for everyone to know Jeffrey for what he really is. Jeffrey shaves his legs regularly and has developed shaped breasts that easily fill his bra. He wears panties regularly under his male trousers and will often chat online with boys with whom, if all goes well, he will meet to prove the sissy faggot he really wants to be. Jeffrey is often seen in women`s clothing aisles looking for panties, shape wear, bras, etc. Feel free to expose Jeffrey so he can no longer hide or deny what he really is and be unable to change his mind about being exposed.

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Rebekah Slut

Ger Van Der Hoeve faggot EXPOSED! Complete fag!