My Fate is to be a pathetic denied Loser. No Erection, no Cum

Last week I asked everyone to honestly rate me, and teach me what kind of being I really am, and how i should live my life.

Denied Loser or normal Man?

People told me that im not a Man, just a pathetic Loser, with a useless tiny Dick, who shouldn´t feel sexual Pleasure and not even deserve an Erection. All i deserve is a painful Chastity and Humiliation.

After one Week of listening to people, how pathetic i am, i accept this as my true Fate. 

Today i beginn my new Life with a selfmade painful Chastity, thinking of Cages i could buy.

Thanks to everybody for your honest Votes, Comments and Dm´s!!!  Everybody feel free to tell me your honest Opinion what you think about me… in dm or Comments. 

not even half of toiletpaper roll

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chastity for my tiny cock

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learn not to get hard anymore

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tie my balls hard, to not being able to cum

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frustrated balls

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denied Loser

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Donnie Shamblin PEA

Andy cashfag @ratemy exposure