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Human urinal

Master D got in contact by my work email, a surprise as he got my contacts through mutual friends, apparently he recognized me online but I’d never met him and had no idea he was into BDSM stuff. He had seen some of my slut sex photos online, mentioning my pisspig ones and told me to email him any others I had, and wanted to book me for a weekend as a group slave. It was a weird situation, but I couldn’t help wanking over the idea. He emailed me a “slave contract” and ordered me to put my full real name on it, told me where to travel to, some small classic car repair workshop outside the city in a town I’d never visited before and warned me firmly to bring nothing valuable and stick to cheap chav clothes. 

It took over an hour to get there by public transport, careful to arrive on time. Embarrassingly I kept getting hard going commando in my cheap shorts. Two guys in trackies were waiting, I think I knew which one was Master D but knew not to speak unless told to. I was ordered to hand over my shorts. I felt liberated handing them over, my cock springing up in the fresh air, but my new master kept eye contact as he ripped the crotch seam open, and threw them in a bin, along with my £10 travel money. The emailed orders were to not speak and that the pig’s arse and cock must be kept available and on display, so they knew I was horny to get naked and publicly exposed. It was my mistake not to find a way to stash a pair of emergency shorts before walking into their shop yard. I had no idea how I was going to get home, but my pig hardon stopped me thinking about it and let them do whatever they wanted.

I was blindfolded, handcuffed, then driven to another location to be padlocked to some public urinals, my hands locked behind my head, so had to stay full-frontal exposed to everyone that walked in.

Humiliated as a naked public pig was a fucking horny scene. I was given plenty of hot “refreshment”, with my cock staying up and perky to everyone’s amusement. With my hands locked away, and told to keep my knees spread, my cock was wanked and slapped hard, along with my balls, but my erection gave away that getting some slaps was a turn on.

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