Amateur Photographer Closet Queer Life

Sucked my first cock as a skinny teen at the demand of a fat, older bully. His swallowed semen planted a sub beta seed inside me. I never became a real man. Moved from Alabama to Florida to escape his constant need to have me service his uncut cock. But my queer, submissive reality prevented escape from faggot status. Despite a platonic love for women, I couldn’t escape QUEER. 64 as of this writing and I’ve sucked 40 different dominant men’s cocks. Mostly hide in my closet but there is an adrenaline rush in knowing this posting is permanent. Live in Fort Walton Beach. Play semi alpha for the public and my platonic love of female beauty. Have a Flickr site called So Alive and my username is Outdoorsy One. Curious to have followers who know my queer and tiny penis secrets. 

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RME Certified Outted – Jean Le Brun